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About Filehive

Who we are

Filehive is a document management company focusing on speed, security and simplicity. We have over 25 years of experience in Document Management working with various industries.

Our Origin

In our 25 years of experience, we faced many problems with other document management systems. We decided it was time to create our own product for a more intuitive, reliable, cost-effective, and smooth experience. By analyzing accessibility issues and user complaints from the other systems, we innovated and refined our state-of-the-art system.

What is Filehive

Designed for every business

Filehive is an Enterprise Document Management system designed to manage corporate documents helping organizations in the following.

Achieve compliance

Follow compliance guidelines as per your organization. Classify documents, follow standards

Follow legal processes

Retain and destroy documents as per legal requirements.

Reduce clutter

All your content is at one place, away from prying eyes, trackable and versioned.

Automate processes

Apply automated processes either at ingestion or at pre-determined time or based on some events.

Secure documents

Control who sees what! With 4 different security standards applied to 3 different levels, possibilities are endless.

Why Filehive

Benefits of Filehive

Operational Efficiency

Thoughtful design of Filehive offers adaptibility, easier integration, smaller foorprint and, painless content transfer

  • Centralized Document Storage and Access
  • Security – Allow authorized access only
  • Audit – Record user actions on the files
  • Data Classification - Implement and enforce processes
  • Reduce physical clutter and redundancy
  • Preserve bandwidth using links than files
  • Retention Policy - Keep as required, delete what must

Technical Advantages

Filehive was developed with objectives of Speed, Security, and Ability to handle large volume with ease.

  • Highly Scalable – Add/remove servers transparantly
  • Active Directory and OAuth authentications
  • Highly Adaptable - Flexibility to interface with in-house systems
  • Import data from third party apps or systems that support JSON
  • Integrate with scanning solutions to auto-populate metadata

Cost Effectiveness

We want to deliver product that works without excuses and avoid charging customers for unused features.

  • Significant cost savings compared to any other Document Management product
  • Designed to handle Volume of data
  • NO support costs
  • Simple pricing model
  • No hidden costs or fees
Why Filehive

Filehive Features

Painless File Transfer

Filehive offers painless file transfer eliminating delays. Filehive also offers Autocheckin feature to avoid manual file upload to Filehive

World-class Security

Filehive provides granular level controls over document and protects from unauthorized access. Only authorized users can see, edit or delete documents

Seamless Integrations

Filehive is designed with objectives of a speed, safety and security. It offers seamless integration and adaptability with other systems while avoiding propritary protocols

Lightening Fast

Speed! This is what we are especially proud of. Response within 200ms or better! Anything is fast when volume is low. Filehive maintains its speed regardless of volume

Content Intelligence

Filehive enables full-text searching by recognizing document content along with auto-categorization and easy filters making it easier to locate and use

Powerful Search

Flexible Search options. Search by metadata such as name, subject, title, owner or, search contents! Filehive automatically recognizes content of the files and makes it searchable

More Secure

Filehive does not use JAVA or Log4j and is not any specific server dependent. This greatly reduces possibilitis of it being vulnerable and thus requires less patching making it more secure

Automated Processes

Filehive provides various ways to starts processes based on several events making it easier to automate business processes such as review-approve cycle, send for signature etc...

Faster Compliance

Filehive helps achive faster compliance with information governance guidelines as per legal requirements


Filehive versions files automatically upon ingestions so files are never lost of overwritten by someone else


Most Document Management Systems will need you to checkin files manually. This is how customers lose documents. Filehive provides auto-save functionality so changes are not lost in the event of laptop refresh


Filehive logs each and every action of users in the system to provide accountability and transparency

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